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More and more children have challenges with sensory processing, making daily life and school a challenge. Once children finally get a referral for OT services, they are often put on a waitlist as therapists everywhere are overloaded. My hope is Arctic OT Services can give parents some helpful tips to try while they are waiting for direct services. For a reasonable fee we can work on developing a plan for your child. Contact me at arcticot @ and lets see if I can help!

Arctic OT Services now has a certified as a Therapeutic Listening Program provider!
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We all learn by taking in sensory information from the environment, we respond to it and then those responses are shaped by the people around us. When children are either oversensitive or undersensitive to that information it can impact the way they learn, the way they participate in daily living skills, the way they play, and the way they make friends. There are ways to help them learn to cope and enjoy the simple things in life more!


Every single day I see the challenges that parents face when they have a child that they have concerns about and cannot get the answers to their questions or the services they need. There is a great deal of information out there and many parents learn quite a bit on their own, but I find that parents really appreciate being able to get some information that is about their own child. We can work together so I can learn about your child and then try to work with you to find some answers and get started in the right direction. Of course, having individual OT services is by far the best scenario itís not always possible due to waitlists at clinics or living in a remote location. So letís see if we can figure some things out together! Send me an e-mail and we will set up a time to talk and get started.

Tracey B Schaeffer OT Therapist Anchorage AKTracey Schaeffer is owner and therapist and has been an occupational therapist with more that 20 years of experience working with children.

I graduated from The Utica College of Syracuse University in 1991. After working in general and neurological rehabilitation for a couple of years I began to work with school-aged children and eventually added early intervention (birth to three). For three years I worked across rural Nevada. In 1995 I moved to Kotzebue, Alaska, where I continue to work with the early intervention program and the school aged children.

My original motivation for becoming an occupational therapist came early, as I had a cousin who experienced autism. I became involved with the school and camp that he attended at a young age and remained involved until I graduated from college. I enjoyed watching the OTís while they did various sensory activities, and learned that nature and the great outdoors can provide even more than a clinic ever could.

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Foraging around Alaska in the spring, summer and fall is one of my favorite activities. I use many of these plants, roots or seeds to infuse into organic oils to make carrier oils that are the perfect accompaniment to Young Living Essential Oils.

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Wild Oil mixtures to support your health

Foraging around Alaska in the spring, summer and fall is one of my favorite activities. I use many of these plants, roots or seeds to infuse into organic oils to make carrier oils that are the perfect accompaniment to Young Living Essential Oils.

Recipes include:<
Healing Oil for aches, pains and bruising
I use this on myself and my sled dogs all the time!
Feminine Oil for PMS and cramps
Easing the discomforts naturally
Immunity Oil to prevent colds and fight viruses
I work in 2 different school districts across the state of Alaska. I am constantly exposed to fun new viruses and manage to stay healthy with this oil on my hands each day. When I feel something coming on, I slather my feet and get some extra rest and feel as good as new.
Skin Oil to counteract damage from sun, blemishes, rashes

As a fair-skinned Irish girl the Arctic sun has taken it’s toll on my skin. I manage the damage and prevent further damage with this blend of oils which keeps my dermatologist and I happy.  Peaceful Oil to calm anxieties and empower

Some oil on the temples and a nice sniff help you keep your cool and stay level headed even in stressful times.
Allergy Relief to counteract the effects of seasonal allergies

Starting this oil a few weeks before the allergy season hits can help you manage the aggravating symptoms that get you down annually.

Each roller bottle $15.00, $3.00 shipping and handling
3 or more $12.00, $3.00 shipping and handling


Creating interventions to help a child appropriately respond to information coming through the senses. Intervention may include developmental activities, sensory integration or sensory processing, and play activities. see more at

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Facilitating play activities that instruct as well as aid a child in interacting and communicating with others.

Identifying, developing, or adapting engagement in meaningful activities that enhance the child's quality of life.

Reducing environmental barriers that limit a child's participation in family, learning, and community based activities.

Identifying needed assistive technology devices and supports.

Preparing the family and child for changes in roles and routines.

Educating the family and school staff on diverse needs of the child Enhancing social skills development and leisure activities in the school environment.

Assisting with school mobility, recommending adaptations, accommodations, and equipment.

The goal is to make your child as functional and independent as possible.